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1. The success of a company is directly related to the comoetenev of its managers.

A. management B. characteristics

C. complicity D. competence

2. Some scientists observe that most hazardous chemical. as well as radiation. not only are harmless at low doses--but may actually do a body good.考生如果怕自己错过考试报名时间和考试时间的话,可以 免费预约短信提醒,届时会以短信的方式提醒大家报名和考试时间。

A. witness B . honor C. declare D. obey

3. No one disputes the fact that Microsoft is. in reality. a monopoly at least inIBM-compatible comptuer-operating systems

A. integrated B. authorized

C. franchised D. harmonious

4. Giuliani declared that these meetings encouraged accountability and transparency.

A. responsibility B. accessibility

C. adaptability D. actuality

5. If it__ too much trouble. I'd love a cup of cod fee

A. hadn't been B. isn't

C. weren't D. may not be

6. If you__ the bottle and cigarettes. you'll be much healthier.

A. take off B. keep off C. get off D. set off

7. Those high school students__ to computer games will usually lose interest in their studies

A. absorbed B. addicted

C. approached D. adapted

8__no gravity. there Would be no air around the earth

A. If there was B. If there had been

C Was there D. Were there

9__of damage wa s due to their carelessness

A.big quantity B.large number , of

C. few D. great deal

10. What, did you put in your suitcase? It's almost_ mine

A. four times as heavy as

B. four times heavier as

C . as four times heavy as

D. as heavy as four times

【答案】1-10 DCDAB BBDDA


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